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Full Immediate Refund

In accordance with the law, to cancel this transaction, mail or deliver a signed and dated copy of this cancellation notice or any other written notice, or send via email to The Boat & RV Group postmarked/electronically stamped within 2 business days after you initially completed the sign-up form. You will receive a refund of the full purchase price of your online advertisement of consignment initiation fee.

Description of Services Provided

The total fee does guarantee your ad campaign until sold with The Boat & RV Group.  You are paying The Boat and RV Group to market your boat/RV, you are NOT purchasing an ad directly from the classified sites.  These are 3rd party web sites and may, and often do, offer special deals and those specials are not always in effect.  While extremely rare, these sites reserve the right to change their posting guidelines and this may effect the actual sites within your Ad Campaign.  We do our best to stay current with all of these sites and keep our ad campaigns set, but your ad campaign may change without notice. We have no control over these 3rd party sites.  As new packages come available that we can purchase, we then relist your boat/RV on those sites. 

During the winter months of November - February many of these sites perform maintenance, redesigns, and review dealer/ad agency accounts.  Your ads may come down from time to time during these months as this is the "off season" for boats/RV and the industry shuts down as buyers are staying home and celebrating the holidays.  For this reason, we do not process any refunds during these winter months.  All refund requests received from November 1 - March 1 will be processed April 15th.  

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

The Boat & RV Group guarantees that we will honor the Terms and Conditions of this Consignment Agreement until sold. Seller agrees that the fee was paid for the purpose of hiring The Boat & RV Group to achieve the sale through advertising and that money does not guarantee an ad on any specific site but guarantees that The Boat & RV Group will advertise via The Boat & RV Group's advertising campaigns.  These campaigns can and do change frequently to find the best circulation and best results for our advertising dollars.  Ad Campaigns are subject to change at our sole discretion without  warning.  Change in the ad campaign in any way does not qualify the seller for an immediate refund as the seller did not pay for an ad on any specific site.  The Boat & RV Group reserves the right to add sites, delete sites, or in any other way change the ad campaigns ad our sole discretion. If after 365 days of continued advertising your unit has not sold, then The Boat & RV Group will continue to run your ad campaign until sold at no cost to you or you may request the ads be taken down and we will refund the cost of our service.  See the Refund procedure below.

The seller must stay active in the sales cycle by email or by calling The Boat & RV Group monthly to let us know your boat or RV is still for sale.  To be eligable for a refund, there must be 12 consecutive months where the seller has contact The Boat & RV Group to inform us the unit is still for sale.

Ad Renewals
The seller is required to contact The Boat & RV Group via email or phone call MONTHLY to inform us of the status of the sale.  It remains for sale by owner, The Boat and RV Group is not involved in the sale and therefore it is the sellers responsibility to request the Ad Campaign be renewed monthly if the sale has not been achieved or to inform The Boat & RV Group of the sale so the ads can be taken down.  Failure to contact The Boat and RV Group MONTHLY will result in some of the ads going "offline".  If the seller fails to contact The Boat and RV Monthly, the refund/guarantee is null and void.

Pricing warranty

The Boat & RV Group is not involved in the sale it is for-sale-by-owner.  You set your own price.  However, our service is not her to be "used" to test the market to see if you can get a price above market value.  We lose money when we have to refund these ads as we do not get a refund from the sites.  We are not going to pay to advertise your unit when it is overpriced then refund the money if it does not sell.  If it is overpriced that is not a reflection of our service or failure of the advertising, NO amount of advertising will sell a unit that is overpriced.  We consider "overpriced" to be a price significantly above demonstrated market value by looking at comparable units on the market.  If you are 15% higher than the average market value or the highest priced unit on the market, our refund policy if null and void.  We will be happy to advertise it until it sells, but if it doesn't sell it is your fault for pricing it too high not the fault of our ad campaign and we are not going to pay for you to abuse our service in that way.  We are not miracle workers.


If you price your unit properly our service is guaranteed to generate more than enough buyers to sell it given the opportunity as demonstrated by those who have used our service and reported back their success to the BBB.

Refund Proceedure

The Boat & RV Group policy also allows you to request a full refund of this transaction fee by mailing or delivering a signed copy of this cancellation notice, along with a NOTARIZED (stamped by a Notary) photocopy of your vehicle's title, or a letter from your bank on bank letterhead stating you have a current loan, to:

The Boat RV Group Headquarters
Attn: Refund Department
1732 Ridge Creek Ln., Aubrey Texas 76227
Providence Village, TX 76227

postmarked within 10 calendar days after the 365-Day guarantee date found on the front of your receipt. Any requests not received after 10 calendar days from your expiration date will not be refunded and the campaign will auto renew until sold.


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