$249 until sold with our money-back guarantee!
20% more views than BoatTrader.com ...
at half the price!

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The most exposure in the industry by far! We have partnered with the #1 boating site on the Internet and combine the reach of the #1 boating network, major search engines, and local classifieds to deliver unparalleled exposure and more views than any other advertising medium in the world!

Head-to-Head Comparision

Boat RV Group Rating Boat Trader Rating
Accredited by the BBB
Yes No

Customer Rating
                  5 stars 2 stars

Success Rate
                       98% with no renewal costs, ads run until sold. 35% (in first 30 days. You have to pay again and again before it sells)

Boat searches monthly
      7 million in the US across over 40 boating sites, search engines, and local classifieds! 5 million (includes international sites)

Yes (we average 3 refunds/year out of 2000 listings! No....

Supports individual sellers
 Yes. We create all ads, maintain the ad campaign, make all edits/change requests, price changes, renewals, and delete the ads when it sells.

No. Mainly dealer and broker support. They over charge the individual seller and cut brokers and dealers sweet deals to post their inventory until sold without having to pay to renew. While charging the individual almost $800 to sell a boat after having to pay to renew over and over again before it sells.

Total cost to sell a boat
 $249 one-time investment and all ads run until sold. No renewal fees and no commission! $800 or more on average. The average sales cycle for a boat is 30-180 days so you will have to "renew" your ad 3-4 times at a cost of $149/month and pay over and over before you achieve the sale.

Mass Advertising on Multiple Sites
Yes. Your ad is posted on over 40 boating sites, all major search engines, local classifieds, and state classifieds. The most extensive coverage in the industry. No.

There is no better, cheaper, or faster way to sell your boat.  We have no "real" competitors.  No broker, no consignment dealer, no listing service, and no... not even you can compete with how we sell your boat. Our program is unique in the industry, it is non-exclusive, and there is no commission, no renewal fees, no addition costs of any kind. You simply pay a one-time listing fee of $199 and your ads run until sold.  We do all the work for you over the duration of the sales cycle.  We'll even refund your money with our Satisfaction Guarantee

Are we legit or is this a scam?

The most common question we get is "this sounds too good to be true" therefore it must be a scam.  We understand there are scams on the Internet but we are not one of them.

You can view our accounts with the major sites to verify we are legitimate (below are a few of our account links):

You may also view customer testimonials and contact our past customers: Click here

I encourage you to call and speak with me personally, Paul, toll free 877-212-1453. I can provide you with information on boats in our Virtual Consignment program and how we can advertise your boat across so many major sites for so little cost to you. We have absolutely nothing to hide, simply give me a call.

Our Program... "how it works" and... it does "work"?

How does it work?
We don't have a physical "lot" where your boat collects dust hoping someone will drive by and see it and we don't lock you into any exclusive deal where you pay us a commission in any way.  We have a "virtual lot" that covers over 37 major boating sites including the top 3 (iBoats, Boat Trader, and Boats.com), the largest on-line classifieds (eBay, Oodle, Craig's List), every major search engine, and 1,500 regional/local classifieds.  We put your boat in front of literally millions of buyers DAILY who are searching for a boat to buy.  We even solicit buyers who need "creative" financing and put them in the boats on our "lot".  We work with both sides to achieve the sale of your boat.

What is the cost?
Our program is the most innovative, cost effective, and efficient way to sell your boat... FAST!  Best of all, you pay $199 one-time fee until sold to have your boat mass advertised on the largest boating sites, national classifieds, and major search engines.  

How do you sell my boat?
Well... by putting your boat in front of more buyers than anyone else can and you pay a fraction of the cost!  Click below to view our boats on major accounts where we sell the boats in our Virtual Consignment program:

Ensuring the sale requires financing
We represent National Lenders to find buyers who need financing then get the buyer financed and into one of our boats in our Virtual Consignment program.  We work with credit scores from 570 and above.

We offer Boat/RV financing available on year models 1998 and up with loan amounts from $5,000 and up. We offer long term loans so that the payment is affordable for the buyer. Customers anywhere in the U.S. can apply for credit on our web site 24 hours a day seven days a week.

All at no cost to you! 

I'm Interested, what do I do?

Signing your boat up for our program is easy.  You can:

  1. Sign up online here.


  2. Email a full description, contact information, and attach up to 10 photos to support@boatrvgroup.com


  3. Give me a call (Paul) toll free 877-212-1453.
Once your boat is "signed up", we enter it into our program within 2-3 business days.  You will receive a full report via email showing in detail how we are marketing your boat with links to all your ads.



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