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With The Boat & RV Group, you never pay a commission... EVER!

Whether you utilize our listing service or "virtual" consignment, pay one set fee until sold, no additions fees, no renewals, no commission.

It works!  We guarantee it...

The Boat & RV Group Is comprised of a state-of-the-art in-house classified listing service, Virtual Consignment Lot, and national lender. We leverage the power of mass advertising, strategic relationships, lending power, and over 15 years of experience in the Boat and RV industries to facilitate the sale between the buyer and seller.

The benefits of using The Boat & RV Group to represent your boat or RV in the marketplace are unmatched in the industry. We assist the seller in establishing a fair market value, finding the buyer, negotiating the sale if needed, securing financing, closing the deal, and transporting it! We work within a network of independent brokers and sellers throughout the US to find both the buyer and then pave the way for a successful sale!

From start to finish… we protect both the buyer and seller!

The Boat & RV Difference

We have a 99.8% success rate proven through the Better Business Bureau! Our advertising program is the most successful, productive, and cost-effective way for the individual to compete in a crowded used marketplace. Our ad campaigns cut the sales cycle by 50% saving time and money to achieve a quick sale.

The average sales cycle, by industry reported data, if you advertise on your own is between 30-180 days during the "season" of Spring/Summer/Fall. Longer if you list late in the fall and have to wait out the holidays. It is a buyer's market and the market is flooded with used boats and RVs. It is a time consuming very frustrating endeavor for the seller who most of the time desperately needs out from under the obligation of owning a boat or RV.

Our customers report (read the reviews here) that with our ad campaign the sales cycle is between 14-90 days saving you time, money, and effort far out performing any other form of advertising, using a broker, or putting it up on consignment.


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