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Power of a Broker... with NO Commission!

Selling your boat or RV yourself?  Good choice!  The Boat & RV Group is the #1 rated advertising service nationwide.

Why give it away to a dealer at wholesale? Why pay 10% commission to a broker after the sale?  Why limit your exposure to 1 city on Craig's List, when you could reach the entire nation?  You can do everything dealers and brokers do with the help of The Boat & RV Group's mass ad campaigns!

A booming economy and record natural disasters across the southern and eastern US have resulted in a nationwide rush to find used RVs. Get your RV in front of millions of buyers monthly with a mass advertising campaign on over 30 RV sites, all major search engines, social media and more.

You maintain control of the sale, set your own price, and we provide the rest!  All for a small fee up front.  No monthly fees, no commision after the sale, no other costs to the seller for our services to provide mass advertising until sold, financing, warranties, shipping and more...  includes a money-back guarantee!

What makes us "different" than all those other listing services? They are all scams as proven by their BBB record! We are the only legitimate listing service in this industry accredited by the BBB and we prove it through the Better Business Bureau (click below for more information on these scams)...

The proof. Don't let these outfits pressure sale you with lies and false information. Know the truth about these companies.


Why The Boat & RV Group? 

As a individual seller many lose out on the sale because of 4 reasons:

  1. The buyer finds what they are looking for on a site your item is not listed on.

  2. The buyer needs financing and you can't offer them this option.

  3. The seller STOPS advertising during the winter to save money.

  4. The seller does not understand and/or know how to use the internet

The Boat & RV Group solves these pressing issues!  We put your RV on 30 RV sites, all major search engines, and social media to reach out to a nationwide audience UNTIL SOLD. We offer financing options that are better than banks, our provider works with sub-prime credit, and finances year models more than 5 years older than banks (12 model years)!  Now you can market your RV like you were a dealer or a broker, reach the full target market, and deliver the financing to get the buyer approved!

 We have set the standard for professional mass marketing; specializing in the sale of boats and RVs since 2001.  Our Ad Campaigns feature:

99% success rate over 15 years  financing/warranties/escrow
96% High Trusted rating from ScamAdvisor! All the tools needed by "for-sale-by-owner" to compete with brokers and dealers.
ZERO reports on Rip-Off Report! money-back guarantee
ads on over 30 major boat sites and hundreds of local classifieds shipping services
ads on every major search engine up to 25 photos/video/URL links
ads on over 30 major RV sites and hudreds of local classifieds expert marketing/ad professionals
ads on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) we manage all edits and renewals at no cost
no commision, no renewal fees you set your own price and the buyer contacts you directly

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!


How does our program work?

Buyers will travel about a 3 state "region" to purchase a RV or a boat.  To be successful selling yours, you must target that full market with your advertising by getting listed on the major RV sites that reach a nationwide audience.  All the ads we post go out nationwide.

Most sellers mistakenly believe Craig's List is the solution when it is not an RV or boating classified site and Craig’s List only reaches 1 city... leaving out 90% of the target market!  Craig's List is free, and you get what you pay for: scammers, frauds, and bogus inquiries and VERY limited exposure.

We reach out to a nationwide audience in order to target the 3-state region around you by advertising on major specialty classified sites (like a broker or a dealer would do).  Buyers can find your RV no matter where they live in the US with a simple targeted search.

We pay to post on the same sites broker and dealers pay to be on! These sites are where buyers actually go to find an RV or a boat. Unlike Craig's List, these full-service classified sites have filters to prevent scams and frauds and the inquiries are from real buyers... you get what you pay for... performance, views, and ultimately the sale.

With The Boat & RV Group the seller pays a one-time fee (no monthly fees, no renewal fees, no commission), and we work with you and maintain the ad campaign until your boat or RV sells.  If your buyer needs financing… no problem we have you covered.  

To get started, simply complete the link at the top of the page to get listed and within 24-48 hours you will receive a report via email with links to all your new ads. Your unit remains for-sale-by-owner.  You set your own price, and the buyer contacts you directly.   We manage all ads, all edits, all renewals, and remove the ads once you achieve the sale.

We provide mass advertising, click on the links below to view our custom marketing campaigns:


Social Media


Is this a scam or is it legit?

We understand there are scams on the internet these days, but we are not one of them.  One of the most common questions we get is "this sounds too good to be true" for the price and the services we offer.  Therefore it must be some type of "scam". 

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have the highest rating possible with the BBB! We have maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 90% HIGH RATING with ScamAdvisor having zero complaints in 15 years!

We average 5-stars from our customers, the highest rating possible. Click below to read our BBB report with customer reviews:

You can contact hundreds of our past customers here.  You can also visit some of our advertising partners to ensure we have accounts with them and easily verify we maintain hundreds of boats and RVs on these high traffic sites.

We have zero complaints on Ripoff Report (note, this report is for another company, it is not The Boat & RV Group). Unfortunately, there are many "other services" that copied our business model and are knock-offs of our program design to steal your money through deceptive sales tactics and not re-investing your money into actual advertising. They "tell you what you want to hear" to get you to waste your money with them, there goal is to take as many people as possible then change their name to hide their past record.

These listing services are sales driven and not designed to sell your RV but their service.  They employ young, uneducated, and ignorant of the boat/RV industries commissioned sales people reading "scripts" that are full of lies for minimum wage. They are state-of-the-art sales teams with fancy sales technology employing autodialers and call you until you eventually give in, they are simply "dialing for dollars".

Their goal? Get as many suckers to sign up as possible. Once they have ripped too many people off and obtained a "scam" reputation and bad report with the Better Business Bureau they change their name and start over under another name to hide their past reputation! That is why they are impossible to find on the BBB's website.

 - They claim they sell everything within 2-3 week. This is a lie. The average sales cycle by industry standards is 30-180 days. Their customer reviews with the BBB indicated they do not even sell your boat or RV ever!

 - They claim you can get more than you are asking. This is a lie. It just "sounds good" to get you to go with their service. They get you to raise your price thinking you can make more money with "them" and you end up overpriced and out of the market.

 - They claim they have buyer's lined up already to buy your boat or RV. This is a lie to get you to give them your money. Again, check the BBB they do not sell anything at all.

 - They even claim they have a great record with the Better Business Bureau knowing most people are trusting and will believe them and not check these claims or even visit the BBB website to verify.

Everything they tell you is to get you to sign up on the spot so you do NOT check them out with the BBB! Below is their BBB records, each one of them are scams. Click on their name to go to their BBB report:

RV Seller's Network - 80% negative customer reviews, BBB reports they are scam. 129 customer complaints.
Pop Yachts and Pop RVs - 70% negative reviews, 15 customer complaints. They add thier very high commission ($2500) on top of your asking price so you are over priced in the marketplace.
National  Multi-list - F-rating...  classified as a fraud by the BBB.
Once Driven -  100% NEGATIVE reviews with 162 consumer complaints... that they are a scam.

The Boat & RV Group is the only BBB acredited busines in this industry, has the only A rating, and has 100% positive customer reviews, NO negative reviews, 1 complaint (by a man who is not our customer and never used our service... he was upset he received a text message from us) and the highest customer review average possible... 5-stars!

I encourage you to call and speak with me personally, Paul,  Toll free 877-212-1453 if you have any questions about the validity of our service.  We represent over 2,500 boats and RVs nationwide each year and average approximately 3 refunds per year.  Our success rate is over 99% and proven through the Better Business Bureau!


We represent lenders nationwide to assist the buyer achieve financing.  Our lenders work with credit scores from 570 and above on year models going back as far as 12 model years (banks go back only 8 and require excellent credit for "toys").  We offer long term affordable payments with loan amounts from $5,000.


 - Minimum credit score of 570 required

 - Minimum loan amount is $ 5,000.

- Low rates available for good credit customers

- A large group of lenders we work with daily

- Loan programs for all types of credit - bad credit ok

- Quick and easy approval process

- Up to 20 year loan terms available

- Financing for new purchases or refinancing

- Easy online financing application

- Insurance for solutions


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