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Why The Boat & RV Group?

  • Established!  We have a 90% success rate over the past 12 years!
  • Your boat/RV remains for-sale-by-owner! You set your own price! The buyers contact you directly!
  • Your boat/RV is mass advertised on the major boating and RVing sites, classifieds, and search engines!
  • Your boat/RV ads run until sold for a one time fee! There is no hidden fees, no renewal fees, and no back end commission!
  • We refund your money if your boat/RV doesn't sell!
  • We do all the work, we create and maintain all the ads and changes over time!
  • Each ad is your boat/RV with up to 10 photos!
  • We assist the buyer with financing, shipping, insurance, and more!

Within 24 hours of signing up, you will receive your Ad Campaign Report, click below to view a sample report to see what you get for your investment with The Boat & RV Group.

All ad campaigns run until sold for a one-time fee with a money-back guarantee:

Boat Ad Campaign - $199

click on the picture below for a sample boat campaign:

RV Ad Campaig - $199

click on the picture below for a sample RV campaign:


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to sign up your boat today!

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to sign up your RV today!

There is no better, cheaper, or faster way to sell your boat or RV.  We have no "real" competitors that provide comporable exposure for this price with a money-back guarantee.  No broker, no consignment dealer, no listing service, and no... not even you can compete with how we sell your boat/RV. Our program is unique in the industry, it is non-exclusive, and there is no  commission,  no renewal fees, no addition costs of any kind. You simply pay a listing fee and your ad campaign runs until sold.  We do all the work for you over the duration of the sales cycle.  We'll even refund your money with our Satisfaction Guarantee!

Are we legit or is this a scam?

The most common question we get is "this sounds too good to be true" therefore it must be a scam.  We understand there are scams on the Internet but we are not one of them. You can view our accounts with the major sites to verify we are legitimate.

The sites below are just a FEW of the sites we have accounts with to show that this is not a scam:

View a complete list of boating sites we post on click here.

View a complete list of RV sites we post on click here.

You may also view customer testimonials and contact our past customers: Click here

I encourage you to call and speak with me personally, Paul, toll free 877-212-1453. I can provide you with information on boats/RVs in our program and how we can advertise your boat/RV across so many major sites for so little cost to you. We have absolutely nothing to hide, and this is not a "scam"... simply give me a call if you have any questions.

Ensuring the sale requires financing
We represent National Lenders to find buyers who need financing then get the buyer financed and into one of our boats in our Virtual Consignment program.  We work with credit scores from 570 and above.  We offer Boat/RV financing available on year models 1998 and up with loan amounts from $5,000 and up. We offer long term loans so that the payment is affordable for the buyer. Customers anywhere in the U.S. can apply for credit on our web site 24 hours a day seven days a week. All at no cost to you! 

Sounds too good to be true! We get that a lot...

Then again... we sell a lot of boats and RVs each year.  We represent 600 boats and RVs per year and average only 15 refund requests per year over the last 12 years.  You can read all about it on our TESTIMONIALS page.


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